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Office and Company, young and dynamic Italian company, operating in the office furniture industry and community. We like shapes, ergonomics, functionality and the special relationship that binds people to their vital space. Through our choice of a simple and modern design, we want to transfer our idea of the work environment. We believe that people work best if tables, desks, cabinets and partitions are designed and well built, thinking to the moving, to the concentration, to the relationship, and to the quality of life.

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Las Mobili s.r.l – Office Furniture – with premises in Tortoreto Lido, Teramo province, in central Italy, in Abruzzi, is one of the major Italian enterprises, leader in production and distribution of office furniture in Italy and around the world. LAS produces a wide range of furniture, desks, executive and operative furniture, reception and meeting tables. The company manufactures also office armchairs and chaise as well as partitions. In its products, LAS melts modern and vanguard styles offering an inestimable experience in work and image optimizing in office working environments. In addition, LAS offers a line of extremely interesting accessories with an innovative design.

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Office Chairs - Located in Tortoreto, province of Teramo, in the Abruzzo region in central Italy is one of the largest Italian leaders in the optimization of working conditions in the office, through the creation of comfortable seats, innovative and technologically advanced with an excellent quality / price ratio.


Partition Walls - Located in Tortoreto Lido, province of Teramo, in the Abruzzo region in central Italy is an Italian company specialized in the production and distribution in Italy and in the world, partition walls, equipped and monolithic edge, offering a wealth of experience in optimization of the working environment, with modern, versatile and absolutely innovative design.



The Dauphin Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of office furniture. Dauphin’s philosophy focuses on people. To be precise, people who sit, so-called “homo sedens”. Whether you are large or small, work in an office or at home, or require chairs for conference rooms or reception areas, the key principle behind Dauphin’s HumanDesign® philosophy is to provide optimum seating solutions. In a word: HumanDesign® for greater comfort to ensure people's physical and mental well-being wherever they happen to sit. A fundamental part of this approach is a holistic concept which combines medicine, ergonomics, ecology, technology and design to produce a unique seating philosophy.

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The Trendoffice range is aimed at anyone who values a modern, fresh look, appreciates quality and yet is still price conscious. It features complete families of products at attractive prices – from refined executive chairs and clever office swivel chairs to practical seating for public areas. Be inspired!


Zucco - the Swiss “Jewel in the design Crown” produces high quality in conference, lounge and office seating.


Bosse is one of the companies which make up the global Dauphin Office Interiors GmbH & Co. KG holding company. In 2011, the Dauphin Group with its staff of over 768 people generated a turnover of 143 million euros. Whatever our customers are looking for, be it chairs, tables, modular furniture or room-within-a-room solutions, we provide them with everything from a single source - anywhere in the world. The Dauphin Group is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in the European region.



Steelcase is the global leader in office furniture industry since 1912. We develop a vast array of environmental friendly and innovative office furniture - including chairs, desks, storage, workspace architecture and conference furniture. As workplace experts, our goal is to provide great experiences wherever work happens, and to help our customers and partners love how they work. 

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Coalesse is an award-winning brand of work furnishings in the Crossover category which means homes and offices, meeting rooms and social spaces, private retreats and public places – the fluid intersections of work and life where boundaries are collapsing and creativity is roaming. Coalessestudy the new work day, how people are collaborating, contemplating, and socializing. 


"For a better day at work" is a direction that sparks the efforts of every Details employee.  They do their best to develop market and deliver the finest ergonomic solutions because of their belief that peoples' everyday work lives can be improved with the use of their products.  Innovative products, smart thinking and energized employees....the recipe for making your day just a little bit better.

Steelcase Higher Education

Focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Through insight-led research and innovation in furniture, tools and technologies for learning spaces, they have a passion for understanding how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help. 


Space matters. It can inspire people to do great things. To engage one-another. To think more deeply. To innovate and make a difference. Because great companies don’t just happen. They’re crafted. For unique culture and brand. For tech-enabled mobility. For collaboration and attracting and engaging great employees.  Great spaces are part of great companies. 

Steelcase Healthcare

Improving the experience of health can feel overwhelming. At Steelcase Health, they believe that change can come from truly enriching the moments that matter most. They study the places that support health and then deliver insights, applications and solutions designed to create moments that enhance the wellbeing, empathy and connection of clinicians, patients and families.



Since 1959, Lamm produces seating systems based on the quality of the materials and inspired by the Italian design culture. Today, the company’s new ownership proves its strong experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector by following the path craved out by Lamm’s long tradition, and that by developing the in-house management of a great part of the products and the customization of multi-purpose, education and auditorium seating systems. Lamm’s know-how’s ethics is guaranteed by highly-specialized professionals and by an experienced management, provided with the necessary expertise to start rethinking tomorrow’s seating design – today.

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ABBONDInterni it’s a company located in the hearth of “Brianza” a typical area where wood furniture reach the best of quality and design. The company was born in 1935; today it is one of the top five Italian companies in wooden executive furniture. 

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Irwin Seating Company is the world's leading manufacturer of public seating for movie theatres, auditoriums, arenas, performing arts centers, and convention centers. From Dewan Filharmonik in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Carnegie Hall in New York, from the Minsk Arena in Minsk, Belarus to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, their chairs, bleachers and telescopic platforms are installed in thousands of venues all over the world.

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Diemme started up in the mid-90s. Since then, it has always been recognized for the excellence of its products in the manufacturing of chairs for office, home and contract sectors. A continuous increase and development. A flexible and dynamic corporate policy. Ability and research together with creativity and intuition have allowed the development of a wide range of products and solutions, synthesis of functionality and design. Comfort and aesthetic of Diemme collection represents the complete satisfaction to every customers’ needs. Italian design and quality suitable for any environment and life style.

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